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Gran Trak 30 is a retro racing game that is an interpolation of Atari's Gran Trak 10 (1974). In Gran Trak 30, there is a track and you have 100 seconds to score as many laps as you can.

You can accelerate with W, brake with A, turn left and right with A and D. You can also shift between 4 gears; 3 forward and one reverse, with UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW buttons. You can toggle the fullscreen with F1 (open) and F2 (close), also you can look at highscores with F3 and restart the game with F4.

DISCLAIMER: Gran Trak 30 is planned to be on ongoing development, so some features might be added, changed or removed.

Install instructions

Just download the .exe and play.


grantrak30.exe 2 MB

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